Wilderness First Aid is a program of the Wilderness Safety Council, a non-profit incorporated in Virginia.

Since 1998:

  • 7,000+ students

  • 10,000+ classroom hours

  • 35-40 classes each year

Helping wilderness first aid students like you achieve confidence in their own competence to do the right thing. You learn how to lead others, make decisions, and create positive outcomes in unpredictable situations.

You are not going to believe this but tonight I pulled up at a traffic light and there in front of me . . . 2 cars smashed. I immediately got out of my car and felt so ready. All that we learned was going thru my head. Thank you!
— Gina Cohen

Our Students

  • Adults from across the spectrum of ages and professional backgrounds.

  • Volunteers with adult groups like the Sierra Club, Appalachian Mountain Club and National Ski Patrol.

  • BSA Leaders in preparation for high adventure camps like Philmont and Northern Tier.

  • National agencies like the US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service.

  • College Outdoor Adventure: Virginia Tech, the University of Richmond, the University of Delaware.

  • Young people leading for summer camps, Outward Bound, the Student Conservation Association.

  • And any student seeking the best level of preparedness and safety for their personal outdoor adventure.