Your Instructor

Christopher Tate

For more than 20 years, Christopher Tate has taught 7000+ students and logged 10,000+ classroom hours. He teaches 35-40 Wilderness First Aid classes each year. A member of the Wilderness Medical Society since 1998, he is the Executive Director of the Wilderness Safety Council, a 501c3 Incorporated in Virginia.

Your structured methods rapidly improved my prevention and first aid capability. You beautifully target the things that are critical for this environment!
— WFA Student

My mission is to motivate students to learn more in two days than anyone has ever asked of them. In a challenging and stressful environment for both students (and instructors) this isn’t a casual exercise. It’s not relaxed. The training I conduct is informed by the sense that the most important person in the room is not me, and it’s not you. It’s a patient. And you don’t know their name, or in what circumstance you will find them.

The vast majority of students who take this class consistently impress me with the ability to exceed their own expectation of what they can do. At the end of day one: “I felt like you turned a fire hose of information on me.” And at the end of day two: “I get it. I know the steps. I have confidence that I’ll do the right thing when things go wrong.”

My current favorite pastime is coloring the illustrations in Kaplan’s Medical Anatomy Coloring Book. What a blast.