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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of this class?

The class cost is $240.

Is there still space available in the class?

Yes, If the class is listed on the registration page there is space available. If the class is listed and it is more than 24 hours prior to the class - Go ahead and register. We will send you instructions via email on how to pick up your confirmation letter and directions from the website.

How long is this class?

Eighteen hours, usually over a Saturday and a Sunday. From 8 until 6:30 on Saturday and 8 until 5:30 on Sunday.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can read the cancellation policy here.

Does Philmont accept your training?

Yes, they do. As referenced in their publication: 2010 Council and Unit Planning Guide (page 3).

Does American Camp Association accept your training?

Yes, they do. As referenced in their standards Section HW-1 Part C (when access to EMS is more than one hour).

What should I bring?

First and Most Important: Yourself well rested and on time. This is a demanding class. Plan a quiet evening the night before, and expect 2 hours of homework the evening of the first day.

Second: Bring your own lunch, beverages and snacks.

Third: The stuff you normally carry with you in the outdoors. Your backpack or day pack, climbing or paddling equipment. Whatever! Everything packed as it normally would be, so you can use it to improvise solutions to medical problems in scenarios. However, if the airline sent your stuff to the wrong city, or your brother-in-law borrowed your stuff, or you can't find your stuff . . . Don't Worry! People in these classes always have lots of stuff and yours will not be missed.

You told us to bring our stuff, does this mean we will actually be out in the middle of the wilderness - camping, hiking, climbing etc?

No. We will be in an indoor classroom setting about two thirds of the time, and outdoors conducting hands-on practice and scenarios the rest of the time. When outside, we are always within about a five minute walk of the classroom space.

Does the class cost include accommodations and food?

No, it does not. In some cases the class is conducted at a summer camp and you can make arrangements with the camp for accommodations and food. When that is true, we always include information with your confirmation letter.

Where are directions to the class location?

Directions to the class location are not public on the website. When we receive your registration information and payment we will mail you a confirmation letter and clearly stated directions to the class. We do this, to avoid having someone show up and say: "Well, I ASSUMED it was OK to just show up!"

When am I registered in the class?

You are registered in the class when we receive your registration information and payment.

When will I receive the confirmation letter and directions?

We will mail you a confirmation letter and directions between 3 and 4 weeks prior to the class date. So if you signed up 6 months in advance, you will have to wait. Of course, you can call if you have an especially important question to ask. If you sign up late, within a week of the class, we will email the information to you.

Does this class result in a certification?

Only if you pass. Seriously. Wilderness First Aid is training that leads to a certification that expires two years after the end of the month in which you received the training. Between two and three percent of students fail each year. Most pass easily because we set you up for success with an understanding of what to expect on the test and what the test will look like. So don't worry, be happy, pay attention, study hard, and the odds are way in your favor.

Does this class include CPR?

This class does not include CPR, nor is certification in CPR a prerequisite for taking this class. We encourage students to receive training in CPR from the American Heart Association, or one of their affiliated agencies.

Do I have to be on time?

Yes. We reserve the right to flunk you if you're late. 100% attendance is required to pass this class. If the class hours are 8-6:30, you should be there before 8 so everyone can start together, and on time.

Can students younger than 18 take this class?

Often, they can. But, we reserve the right to interview any student under the age of 18 to ensure they are ready to work on an even footing with the adults in the class, and we reserve the right to say no. It comes as no surprise when we see a 16 year old who is a better student, and more mature, than the occasional 40 year old caught behaving like a 13 year old. So, don't be discouraged. You have a good shot at getting in.

We do not accept students younger than 16 in this class.

Students younger than 18 who are not accompanied by a parent, must complete and return to us a minor authorization release form. You can print one out here. Mail it to our office address.

Do you issue certification cards to students under the age of 18?

We issue certification cards to students who are 16 and 17 and complete the class successfully on the same terms as students 18 and older.

Can I pay part of the fee to secure a seat in the class?

We no longer accept a deposit amount to "hold" a seat in the class. Please make your payment in full at the time of registration.

Can I just show up and see if there is room for me on the day of the class? And register then? And distract everybody who registered well in advance? And make more work for you?

No. Thank you for asking in advance, though.

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